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Dr. J. Leonard Knudson is a podiatric surgeon at Tower Wound Care in Culver City, California, where many patients seek his medical expertise to diagnose and treat ankle pain. No matter what caused your ankle pain, it’s important to get proper treatment to be sure it heals properly and regains normal strength, so don’t wait very long to call and schedule an appointment.

Ankle Pain Q & A

What causes ankle pain?

The ankle is a hinged joint made up of the two leg bones above the ankle — the tibia (shin) and the smaller bone behind it, the fibula — and the foot bone just above your heel called the talus. All of the bones are connected at the ankle joint by tendons and ligaments. You’ll experience ankle pain when any of these parts are damaged, but two common causes of pain are sprains and inflamed tendons.

A sprain occurs when you twist, pull, or tear ligaments supporting the ankle. Sprains range from mild with little swelling and pain, to severe pain and significant swelling that make it impossible to put weight on the ankle.

Tendinitis, an inflamed or irritated tendon, often occurs in the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendinitis is common in runners and weekend warriors, who are inactive during the week then join in sports like tennis and basketball over the weekend. In severe cases, Achilles tendinitis can lead to a tendon tear.

A fracture is an obvious cause of ankle pain, but Dr. Knudson also needs to check for other underlying conditions. For example, an infection, arthritis, heel pain, and nerve injuries can all cause ankle pain.

When should you seek medical attention for ankle pain?

It’s important to take it easy and avoid putting weight on your ankle, even if the pain is mild. Never ignore a sprain. An untreated sprain often leads to permanent weakness in the ankle, which makes it prone to future sprains and injuries, possibly causing you to fall

If your ankle is swollen, discolored, and painful, Dr. Knudson can examine it and give you an accurate diagnosis. After determining whether you have a sprain, fracture, or a torn tendon or ligament, the doctor will make sure you get the best treatment. If your ankle becomes red, warm, more painful, or you have a fever, you may have an infection and should contact us immediately.

Can you prevent ankle pain?

You probably won’t be able to prevent the first ankle injury, but afterwards, you’ll limit the chance of future injuries by getting proper treatment as soon as possible. If your ankle is unstable, Dr. Knudson may recommend an ankle brace or compression bandage to stabilize the ankle when you’re active. Depending on your unique problem, special shoes may help you prevent future injuries and pain. A structured exercise routine or physical therapy will strengthen muscles and improve the elasticity of tendons, which goes a long way toward preventing future ankle pain.

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