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Calluses can cause discomfort for many individuals. For patients throughout Los Angeles, Tower Wound Care Center can help treat pain related to calluses at locations in located in Los Angeles, Encino, Santa Monica, Culver City, Pasadena, and Lynwood CA. Patients can put their trust in our doctors who are leading foot and wound care specialists in the region.

Calluses Q & A

What are calluses?

Calluses can be frustrating. The body forms them because it is trying to protect sensitive skin. They can develop anywhere there is repeated friction from rubbing, often from poorly fitting shoes. Improper walking can also cause calluses to develop on the feet. High heels are especially bad for this since they put undue pressure on the toes. Excessive friction on the feet when wearing shoes without socks can also lead to the development of calluses.

When would calluses be painful?

In areas which there are prominent bones a painful callus can often develop. There are four three main types: tylomas, intractable plantar keratosis, and porokeratosis. While there are treatments for calluses, if a person sees the edges change or they dramatically change in size or color they should contact the doctor immediately as it can indicate a more serious condition.

What are tylomas?

Tylomas, or flat calluses, are relatively common. These are typically the same thickness throughout and are found over prominent bones such as the heel. Tylomas do not have deep centers and are usually not as painful as some of the other conditions. They are generally caused by rubbing of the skin and are common amongst athletes, those with large bony humps, and those who are overweight.  Switching to properly fitting shoes, using cushions and orthotics, and relieving the area of pressure can help to correct these.

What is intractable plantar keratosis?

These can be very painful. These are caused by sheer force or rubbing, and pressure combined. They do have a deeper core and it becomes visible after debridement. The core is usually just over a bony protrusion or an area of extreme pressure. The bony growths can be the result of lack of a fat pad on the foot, arthritis, or a fracture which didn’t heal properly. When addressing these, the doctor works to excise the core and may utilize orthotics and cushion as well.

What is porokeratosis?

These can occur anywhere on the bottom of the foot though the cause of these calluses is unknown currently. These also have a deep core surrounded by thick skin. Some believe that they are caused by a foreign body penetrating the dermis. They can occur as a single area of discomfort or as a collection of lesions. They can be quite painful and are treated with a debridement and removal of the core.

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