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Dr. J. Leonard Knudson practices at Tower Wound Care in Culver City, California, where he uses his combined expertise in podiatric surgery and diabetic wound care to ensure diabetic patients obtain properly fitted diabetic shoes. He’s dedicated to helping people with diabetes maintain optimal foot health so they can avoid the serious complications of untreated wounds.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

Why do people with diabetes need to follow careful foot care?

High blood sugar causes many problems in your body, but its impact on small blood vessels is the reason why foot care is so important. When blood sugar levels are high, excess sugar makes small blood vessels thicken. Over time, these blood vessels get weak and less efficient, and blood doesn’t circulate through your feet the way it should. Without that blood supply, cuts and sores have a hard time healing.

People with diabetes can also develop diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage. When that happens, you lose the ability to feel sensations like pain, itching, heat and cold. So if you have a wound on a foot that’s not healing, you won’t know it because you won’t feel the pain. Before long, even a simple wound can get infected or turn into a serious ulcer.

How will diabetic shoes help prevent foot complications?

It’s vital for diabetic patients to avoid wounds on their feet and to protect skin from any type of damage. That means you need shoes that fit perfectly. They can’t be too tight or too loose because you want to avoid any rubbing, pressure, or irritation to the skin on your feet. Diabetic shoes are designed to do the best job of preventing skin from breaking down so that you can avoid complications from wounds that won’t heal.

Diabetic shoes have features like a padded tongue, molded inserts and extra cushioning around the shoe, stabilizers to prevent your heel from slipping in-and-out of the shoe as you walk, and a larger “toe box” so toes have room to move. Protecting your feet isn’t negotiable — it’s essential — but the good news is that diabetic shoes are available in diverse styles that you won’t be embarrassed to wear.

Why should you get diabetic foot care from Dr. Knudson?

When you’re a patient of Dr. Knudson’s, you gain an experienced podiatric surgeon who also has advanced training in diabetic wound care. Simply put, he provides the type of exceptional diabetic foot care that will help lower your risk of serious complications. In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. Knudson and the staff at Tower Wound Care carefully measure your feet to ensure your shoes are the precise size and shape, then they determine which removable inserts will solve your individual foot concerns. The shoes and inserts must work together to fit your feet and the way you walk, and Dr. Knudson’s skill ensures you’ll get the best results.

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