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Puncture wounds should be seen by a doctor right away. Thankfully, Tower Wound Care Center provides treatment for puncture wounds, like those related to stepping on a nail. Patients can receive the necessary attention at one of six locations in located in Los Angeles, Encino, Santa Monica, Culver City, Pasadena, and Lynwood, CA.

Puncture Wounds Q & A

What is a puncture wound?

Puncture wounds are similar to cuts but they differ is a big way. A puncture wound will have a small entry hole which was caused when the pointed object, such as a nail, pierced the skin and went into the area. Since these small holes can mask serious injury, puncture wounds require special treatment. Puncture wounds are very common in the foot, particularly in warm weather when people wear sandals or go barefoot. It is important to seek care for a puncture wound in the first 24 hours because infections and other complications can arise. This is especially important because these wounds may have a foreign body inside them.

How can you tell how severe the wound is?

There are several ways to determine how severe a puncture wound is. How deep the wound penetrates is one way to assess it. Complications such as infection are more likely to develop in a deeper puncture wound. Patients typically cannot tell how far their puncture wound extends into the foot. The type and the presence of debris or dirt can also help the doctor to determine the severity of the wound. Larger or longer objects can penetrate much deeper into the tissues, usually causing additional damage. The dirtier the object the more dirt and debris will be transferred into the wound. This dramatically increases the risk of infection. The doctor will also take into account whether the person was wearing socks and shoes or barefoot.

What is the treatment?

To avoid complications, the puncture wound will be cleaned thoroughly and monitored. Even if the patient has been to the emergency room for care, visit the office for a comprehensive cleaning and careful follow-up. It is best to come in within 24 hours of the injury. The doctor will ensure the wound is cleaned properly and that no foreign body remains. The area will likely be numbed, thoroughly cleaned inside and out, and the patient’s progress will be monitored. Occasionally, x-rays will be taken to determine if something is still inside the wound or if the bone was damaged. Antibiotics are usually also prescribed when the item’s cleanliness is questionable.

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