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Wound VAC Therapy Specialist

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When healing from a wound, Tower Wound Care Center offer patients throughout Los Angeles, Encino, Pasadena, and Santa Monica, CA advanced treatment through Wound VAC therapy. This system delivers negative pressure wound therapy to speed and encourage healing.

Wound VAC Therapy Q & A

What is Wound VAC therapy?

Wound VAC therapy is a tool used by the office to aid with faster wound healing. VAC stands for vacuum assisted closure and the therapy has also been referred to as Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. This therapy works by removing fluids and infectious substances which helps to protect the wound environment. The device helps to draw the wound edges together by creating a vacuum, negative pressure area, over the wound site. This promotes the development of granulation tissue, which is collagen-rich tissue which forms as the body heals the injury.

How does the therapy work?

Under negative pressure, this therapy applies mechanical forces to the wound to craft an environment which encourages wound healing. This is accomplished using the patented GranuFoam™ dressing. This dressing provides those mechanisms to promote granulation tissue. These forces are known as macrostrain and microstrain. Macrostrain is the visible stretch which takes place when negative pressure tightens the foam dressing. The macrostrain:

  • Draws wound edges close
  • Comes into contact with the wound bed
  • Evenly dispenses negative pressure
  • Eliminates excreted fluids and infectious substances

Microstrain is the micro deformation, or tissue reactions at the cellular level, which cause the cells stretch. Microstrain:

  • Lessen edema, or swelling
  • Promotes perfusion, where blood is circulated to the capillaries
  • Promotes granulation tissue formation by encouraging cell migration, or movement in the correct way, and proliferation, or the rapid reproduction of cells.

What is SensaTRAC™ technology?

VAC therapy is the only system which offers monitoring of the pressure at the wound site which then adjusts to ensure the exact amount of negative pressure is sustained throughout the treatment. This is done through the SensaTRAC™ (Therapeutic Regulated Accurate Care) technology. This can:

  • Monitor and sustain a target pressure at the wound site for dependable therapy
  • Helps to reduce tubing blockages through an enhanced tubal system which draws away fluids without disrupting outer sensors.
  • Offers alarms for advanced patient safety
  • Enhances patient comfort
  • Adjusts the pump output to account for wound distance, position, fluid being secreted, and if the patient moves
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